WA mints 16 new lawyers in May

The Western Australian legal fraternity welcomed 16 new lawyers in May.                  

The Supreme Court of Western Australia granted 16 motions for admission on 2 May 2013. Upon admission, a person becomes an “Australian lawyer” under the relevant statutory scheme.

Admission is the final step to legal practice in Western Australia. A law degree and a period of practical experience are among the many prerequisites stipulated by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia.

Around 200 to 250 new lawyers are admitted each year in WA.

Newly minted lawyers are are subject to a period of supervision before they may practise on their own account.

The following law graduates were admitted on 2 May 2013:

  • Danielle Cristina COELHO
  • Gary Baxter COX
  • Damien Paul Jeffery CRIPPS
  • Lauren Iona FOX
  • Christopher Jeffrey HARRIS
  • Anita Ann Melanie KEARNEY
  • Leah Kylie KEEGAN
  • Karen LA
  • Gar-Yun Jennifer LEE
  • Catherine Yvonne McGONIGLE
  • Daniel Brian GIBBARD
  • Cedric John Banks NEWELL
  • Stirling Wesley OWEN
  • Lachlan Clifford Angelos PALMOS
  • Michael Philip SOUTHERN
  • Tashreen Begum TOURABALY