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 Immigration law

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Level 8 / 99 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000
03 96024666
03 96024112

Glass Lawyers, Melbourne, provide specialist advice in all immigration matters. The firm is accredited in immigration law by the Law Institute of Victoria. The firm assists with:

  • permanent and temporary visas;
  • employer/employee sponsorship visas;
  • spouse visas;
  • immigration appeals, MRT/AAT;
  • all other immigration matters.

Helen Glass is the key contact at the firm on immigration and has over 30 years of experience. Clients describe Helen as “wonderful”, identifying her as an “excellent lawyer” with “great attention to detail”. Helen has particular expertise in immigration disputes, working in court on visa refusals and visa cancellations.

Helen Glass and the firm often provide advice to clients online.

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Law Society specialist accreditation
Jurisdiction: Victoria
Practice area: Immigration law (2018)
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