So, should you talk to the police?

We look at the right to silence under Western Australian law and how you should deal with questions from the police. It is a question people often ask. So, should you talk to the police? The answer, according to experienced Perth criminal lawyer Max Crispe, is ...
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What about me?

Splitting up (part two)?  What about Fido?

We have written previously about how a property settlement can be a quick and cost-effective method to finalise financial matters with your ex-partner. Parting couples may have arranged the division of the finances and decided who keeps the TV and who takes the porcelain vase, but may be left with one last question ...
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How do deal with bullies at work? Thankfully, there are options as recent changes have set out a clear legal pathway for workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying – Bullying doesn’t just happen in the schoolyard

So, how to deal with bullies at work? Bullying in the workplace is a serious problem and one the Federal Government has taken steps to address with legislation.  The long term effect that bullying can have on mental health is well known.  There are more and ...
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